Fora Solutions

For vehicle fleet owners who wish to optimize financial expenses of their production cycle and arrange effective machinery monitoring with the help of their own dispatch service, we offer solutions of FORA SOLUTIONS, a leading operator of satellite monitoring, which services 50% of machinery of state financed institutions in Moscow.

Fora Solutions is one of the leading and dynamically growing suppliers of professional equipment, advanced technologies and GLONASS/GPS satellite monitoring systems. Our company develops and implements a wide variety of technologies to improve performance of hardware and software modules of the transport navigation satellite system at enterprises operating in various economic sectors.

Multifunctional intelligent GLONASS/GPS monitoring systems for the remote control of automotive transport, special-purpose machinery and other vehicles using modern satellite navigation and mobile communication technologies are able to accurately determine a vehicle’s position, to monitor various performance indicators such as the speed, fuel rate, deviation from the planned route, temperature inside the vehicle’s body, etc. in real-time.

Prompt reception and analysis of precise data on the vehicle fleet operations ensure:

  • total control of drivers’ performance, strict observance of the schedule;
  • detection and prevention of various violations and abuse (for instance, speed infringement, fuel draining and additions in trip tickets);
  • control over technical condition of various units and devices of vehicles and special-purpose machinery;
  • cargo carriage control (temperature range, etc.);
  • maintaining continuous communication with the driver and prompt response to accidents;
  • solving a wide range of special industrial problems.

With the help of Fora Solutions and Cominvest-AKMT specialists you will be able to complete your existing machinery with necessary equipment or purchase any special-purpose machinery from our assortment of products equipped with GLONASS/GPS monitoring system.