Our manufacture

Today ZAO “Cominvest-AKMT” is one of the major manufacturers of utility and road machinery, with a serious engineering potential; a service center equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment; and our principal driving force – highly qualified professionals who have worked in the market of special-purpose machinery for decades.

The company holds shares and uses the following manufacturing sites:

  • Tosno Mechanical Plant (TOMEZ), producing multipurpose road maintenance vehicles
  • Papa Engineering Oy with its subsidiary Amomatic Oy (manufacturer of asphalt plants)
  • Tomilino (Assembly shop)
  • Perovo (Experimental manufacturing)
  • Dubna (Manufacturing complex)
  • Cominvest-Alliance (Crack sealing machines manufacturing)

Currently, ZAO “Cominvest-AKMT” have mastered mass manufacturing of more than 50 types of machinery and equipment for municipal and road maintenance areas! The key models include: sweepers, multipurpose road maintenance vehicles, reagent distributors, snow-cleaning vehicles, road repair equipment and machinery, mowing machines, multiple-function vehicles and many more.

Attachments are mounted on modified automobile, tractor and special-purpose chassis of both domestic and foreign manufacture. A brand of the chassis depends on the customer’s preferences. It may be a chassis by KAMAZ, MAZ, GAZ, Mercedes-Benz, FUSO, MAN, Scania, VOLVO, IVECO, Renault, DAF, Isuzu, etc.

All the machinery is certified and obtains a VTA (Vehicle Type Approval) and all necessary approvals.