ZAO “Cominvest-AKMT” offers installation of a high-tech software product for monitoring and control of ground vehicles using GPS/GLONASS technology.

This system makes it possible to obtain actual and accurate information about operation of special mobile machinery of a particular enterprise, which ensures:

  • real-time monitoring of vehicle and special-purpose machinery operation
  • prompt response and reporting about any faults, deviations, emergencies
  • control of the route and schedule, control of predetermined area visits
  • recording and control of POL (petroleum, oil and lubricants) consumption rate, mileage, machine hours, etc.
  • generation of customized reports on controlled parameters
  • opportunities to integrate with other reporting systems

An implementation of this system makes it possible to improve efficiency of special-purpose machinery usage by optimizing its performance, to reduce maintenance costs and losses occurring due to the improper use of vehicles, POL thefts and other wrongdoings. For commercial transport sector, Fora Solutions offer an industry-specific solution on road maintenance and solid household waste removal, including the following components:

  • Route tracer
    Creates routes according to the planned location taking into account their characteristics.
  • Calculation of machinery needs
    Makes it possible to calculate necessary number of transportation vehicles taking into account vehicle capacities.
  • Dispatch service (road and special-purpose machinery monitoring)
    Ensures machinery monitoring and execution of works along the route.
  • Photographic registration
    With a customized recording system

Using GPS/GLONASS technology