With workshop areas and process equipment, ZAO "Cominvest-AKMT" has everything necessary for a complete production cycle to build machinery.



We offer comprehensive solutions for all sectors of national economy: construction, repair, and maintenance of roads, airfields, parks, buildings and facilities, for transportation of passengers and cargo, production and separation of ore and non-metallic materials. Moreover, we sully fire engines/equipment and rescue vehicles, recycling machines, agricultural machines, machines for river and sea ports, and IТ technologies.



To support owners’ confidence in the long-term faultless and safe operation of purchased special equipment, we have created and are developing a network of service centers all over Russia and a partner network in the CIS countries.

Road and Construction Machines Road and Construction Machinery

Road machinery includes several different types of machines which help to achieve considerable energy savings and increase productivity and efficiency of labor.

Municipal Machines Municipal Machines

The housing and utilities sector, and normal city life as well, cannot be fully operational without a good fleet of municipal vehicles. Municipal maintenance machinery ensures smooth operation not only of the entire road transport system, but also water supply and sewerage systems.

Vehicles for Domestic and Industrial Waste Vehicles for Domestic and Industrial Waste

Nowadays, waste removal is a complex process that requires specialist workers, various types of transport and modern equipment.

Airfield Machinery Airfield Machinery

Airfield machinery, aircraft servicing and airfield maintenance machines: tugs, towable stairs, self-propelled stairs, airfield pavement repair machines, fuel tankers

Ore and Non-Metallic Material Processing Machinery Ore and Non-Metallic Material Processing Machinery

It is particularly efficient to use special equipment in mining – where men used to slave away, there is a machine easily doing their work now.

Commercial Transport Commercial Transport

Modern lifting equipment is used for many types of human activities. In everyday life almost everyone rides elevators; cranes are used during construction; on the underground or at railway stations we use escalators.

Agricultural Machinery Agricultural Machinery

Modern agricultural machinery is an indispensable tool for further development of the agribusiness in Russia. The main benefit of special machines is that they allow many operations to be motorized reducing labor costs, and considerably increasing the speed and quality of agricultural works.

Forest Machinery Forest Machinery

Skidder butt plates are the most common type of equipment for conventional timber harvesting. If you mount this equipment onto a forestry tractor, you will create a chocker skidder without any need for serious alterations of the base vehicle.

Pipeline Operation and Water Treatment Machinery Pipeline Operation and Water Treatment Machinery

Compacted deposits in sewage networks accumulated during their operation are flushed away with high-pressure hydrodynamic jet equipment and transported to wells and pits to be removed for subsequent disposal using vacuum equipment.

Off-Road Vehicles Off-Road Vehicles

Special equipment for driving across most impassable terrain in any weather conditions.

Fire Equipment Fire Equipment

Special vehicles and fire-extinguishing equipment.

Passenger Transport Passenger Transport

Transport for conveyance of passengers.