We allocate big resources for the development of service subdivisions across the whole territory of the Russian Federation and in CIS countries, providing the departments with qualified employees and top-level equipment for technical maintenance, warranty and post-warranty repairs of special-purpose equipment, and finance the purchasing of new technologies.

Our service centers have modern mobile service teams. This ensures a high level of service and gives a competitive edge to the company.

The first priority for ZAO “Cominvest-AKMT” is to care about our customers and provide them with quality and prompt maintenance. All company’s centers are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, and their superbly trained specialists will help eliminate any faults in your machinery quickly, to the highest standards, and at a low price. Our experience is proved by prizes and awards we have won at numerous trade shows.

Our services:

  • Commissioning of new machinery.
  • Warranty and service support agreements.
  • Technical maintenance (TM) after the running-in period.
  • Warranty and post-warranty repair.
  • Unscheduled (rush, emergency) repairs following users’ one-time orders.
  • Evaluation of the technical condition of the machinery.
  • Regular preventive on-site diagnostics of equipment.
  • Malfunction diagnostics and repairs of hydraulic, pneumatic and electric systems.
  • Diesel engine, transmission gear, undercarriage repairs.