Maintenance services

ZAO “Cominvest-AKMT” have been on the market for many years, and based on our experience we know what can help us succeed: services!

It is no secret that special-purpose machinery downtime due to its improper use, failures or not optimal use is the scourge of big companies. That is why we consider it to be our duty to the customers to ensure minimum downtime of the machinery, reduce machinery ownership costs and create long-term and trust-based partnership relations.

We have established and keep developing a service center network throughout the whole territory of the Russian Federation, as well as a network of partners in the CIS countries in order to give our customers confidence in the long-term, failure-free and safe operation of the special-purpose machinery they purchased. Specialists of ZAO “Cominvest-AKMT” service department use this network to train customers’ personnel, thus helping to minimize the effect of operator’s lack of knowledge on the production cycle.

Technically, we consider preventive maintenance system, which helps to avoid possible faults, the most important element in dealing with this problem. For this purpose, we have set up spare part depots in our service centers, where a required assortment of quality components sold for competitive prices is reserved, the components being supplied by both European manufacturers, leading plant assembly line suppliers, directly and Russian plants “Chetra” and “RM-Terex.”

As an illustration, we can mention a service center located in the Eastern part of Moscow, near Perovo underground station. On its premises, there is a spare part depot with tens of thousands types of machinery components made by Russian and international manufacturers.

We offer advance solutions to streamline production cycles, paying special attention to new kinds of products for which we offer the support by our service department specialists and give the customer detailed explanation of peculiarities of operation of the supplied machinery and equipment.

Professional level of our mobile teams and mechanics at stationary service centers is guaranteed by the courses and practical training at plants manufacturing special-purpose machinery they have completed, as well as by their many years’ experience in machinery maintenance. As a bonus for our customers, we offer free trainings for operators that can be organized at the site of the customer.

ZAO “Cominvest-AKMT” seeks to create the most advantageous cooperation conditions, therefore prices and terms of payment may be tailored to customer’s possibilities. It is up to you to decide which services would be optimal for you: repair, maintenance, full servicing or operators’ training. We provide our customers with a cost calculation for all solution types, which makes any financial transactions related to the support of supplied machinery or equipment totally transparent and increases the level of mutual trust.

And something else which might be interesting for you: We offer (and on especially favorable terms) full sets of expendables, brushes by a well-known manufacturer Tecsolum and of our own making. All the products are manufactured on imported production lines and conform to stringent quality and environmental standards.

Such policy, aimed at serving customer’s interests, pays off resulting in an impressive portfolio of long-term contracts with major domestic and international companies.

The service department of ZAO “Cominvest-AKMT” works hard to provide customers with quality documents covering all aspects of operation, and in case of purchasing foreign equipment or machinery, the customer, in full accordance with the Russian legislation, will receive all technical information professionally translated into Russian.

We are always open for communication and have set up a common customer order department for you. You can place your service order at our website, send it by e-mail or just call us at +7(495) 212-2122 (ext. 5595) from any place in the world.