JSC "Tosnensky Mechanical Plant"

Tosna Mechanic Factory JSC

ToMeZ JSC - is a major road and municipal engineering manufacturer in the NorthWest Region.

The company manufactures high-speed complex equipment for road and municipal machines on the base of KamAZ, MAZ, ZIL vehicles for road and street servicing and maintenance during the winter and summer seasons.

July 1982

The Tosno Repair and Engineering Factory was put into operation by an order of the USSR Ministry of Land Reclamation and Water Management. The factory was built to manufacture pilot batches of land reclamation machines and equipment to be used on the territory of the Non-chernozem Belt of the RSFSR. Production of two dozen land reclamation machines and equipment was developed, the main being heavy disk land reclamation harrows installed on Kirovetz tractors, drain-tube layers, rock pickers, and other machines.


First batches of agricultural machines were made and certified: A-MIX/9/11 feed dispenser made with the participation and according to the documentation of YUNKKARI; proprietary RMU-6 fertilizer spreader. The company mastered the production of a multi-functional road and utility machine based on tractors produced, primarily, at Byelorussian MTZ factory, using the most advanced European engineering designs and fitted with a large package of harrow and brush attachments, a towed sand spreader and a water sprinkler device.


Together with KOVESTON, Finland, production of 'Hi-Tes' bush cutter mowers to mince grass, undergrowth, bushes and trees with a trunk of up to 5 cm maximum, was mastered.


Together with KOVESTON, Finland, a pilot manipulator mounted bush cutter mower, which can work at a distance of up to four meters from the roadside, including behind fences and small plantation belts, was manufactured.


Production of road machines based on Volvo vehicles was mastered.


A large Russian engineering company – ZAO “Cominvest-AKMT”– became a shareholder of the factory. The SKD assembly of sand and salt spreaders, vacuum sweepers, and refuse collectors was moved to the factory.


A full-scale factory upgrading and modernization of production facilities from a design solution in the appearance of the production buildings’ facades up to complete modernization of the fleet of industrial machines was carried out. Up-to-date CNC assembling lines were installed and enabled launching a conveyor to manufacture licensed European equipment. In October 2012, the factory signed a license agreement with EPOKE A/S, Denmark, and mastered production of reagent distributors under the “EPOKA” brand.


In June 2013, a new shop area to manufacture brush disks was put into operation. OAO ToMeZ Management System was certified according to ISO 9001:2008.


In February 2015, a new shop area with CNC machines was put into operation. The 2015 plans also include putting into operation a new painting shop area equipped with up-to-date painting lines, and fitting the blank shop area with up-to-date CNC cutting and bending equipment.

Tosna Mechanic Factory JSC