Amomatic Factory (Finland)

Amomatic Oy

Amomatic – is Scandinavia’s leading manufacturer of asphalt plants.

Amomatic asphalt plants are batch type asphalt plants of special modular design. Batch plants can manufacture virtually any kind of bituminous mixes including mixes incorporating recycled materials and warm mixes. The product range includes standard models with the capacity of 160 to 300 ton per hour. Amomatic asphalt plants represent the highest quality and technology in the world. The intelligent control system, AmoControl, is an open system based on a standard PC and on commercial software.


Sir Johan Salminen founded a small workshop near the river bridge at Paimio. Agricultural machines, ferries, tin roofs.


The pipeline business was added to the core activities.


Vähäsilta Oy: Designing and manufacturing of high-pressure vessels began.


Manufacturing of asphalt plant components was launched.


Vähäsilta Oy acquired rights for asphalt plant manufacturing from ARA AO.


A new parent entity – Amomatic Oy – was established. Vähäsilta Oy continued functioning as a subsidiary.


Cominvest-AKMT purchased the majority interest of Amomatic, Finland.

Amomatic Oy